Scavenger Hunt extended (to 9/18)

Want to go to the Salmon Bake on 9/23 from 4-6pm but need another ticket? Have a friend who wants to go? Great news – the Scavenger Hunt is extended to 9/18!

Here’s the scoop !

win tickets
Win tickets right up to 9/18!

Eclipse Reset on what’s important

the eclipse helps us remember what's important
When you experience something like a total eclipse of the sun, something that will not happen (the way it did) for another 100 years, you often have the opportunity for a “reset” or re-grounding on life.  The word “totality” itself is something to consider. Are we living in that zone? Are we doing what we want to be doing. Are we doing what’s important? As we ruminate what’s important steps ahead into the forefront and what’s extraneous falls away.

What’s important to you? What’s important to Washington County Kids (org) is to work as hard as we can to ensure that kids are fed, have the opportunity to learn, play and grow and to succeed. We support summer learning, food and nutrition, early learning, and before and after school programs by supporting and expanding the programs that do the most good. Some programs are doing an awesome job, but they’re serving 20 kids when there are 200 waiting.

We hope you will consider attending the Washington County Kids fundraiser special event – a Salmon Bake – on September 23, 2017 at the Helvetia Winery. What a wonderful beautiful rustic setting. But, what’s the event for?  What does it mean? It’s more than just food and fun (although there will be great food, music, and friends). It’s about celebrating the success of working together in the community and of making a difference in our own backyard. Many of our partners on the mission to do good will be there. We hope you will be too.

link to:    >>flier    >>tickets